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Americans Set to Lose Visa-Free Travel to Croatia

European Union lawmakers have today voted to force US nationals travelling to Europe to obtain visas.

The vote, by show of hands, was in response to the US not allowing nationals from five European countries to travel to the States visa-free – Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland and Romania.

MEPs agreed on Thursday in Brussels that the EU is now “legally obliged” to suspend the Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) with the US for a year after Washington did not meet a visa reciprocity deadline, the Telegraph reported.

The EU Commission now has two months to reintroduce visas for Americans wanting to travel to Europe.

The EU Commission gave a two-year deadline to countries back in 2014 to ensure the same visa waiver rights for its citizens that Europe offered in return.

Whilst countries such as Australia, Brunei and Japan since lifted visa requirements, the US have failed to act forcing today’s vote.

Americans may need a visa to visit Croatia

The US State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs have said in the past that Croatia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland and Romania did not meet security requirements.

“I am glad that the EU Parliament continue to put pressure on the Commission to carry out their obligations until reciprocal visa agreements between the EU and the US are met. Croatian citizens must have the same rights when they travel to the US as other European citizens”, Croatia’s European MEP Tonino Picula commented.

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