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Americans Buy Rights to Croatian TV Series

PUMOne of the largest five TV and Film studios in the world – Lionsgate – have just purchased the rights for a local Croatian drama series...

The North American studios have bought the rights for ‘Počivali u miru’ (Rest in Peace) and plan to create an english version based on the Croatian series.

During the summer of 2013 American producers got in contact and showed interest in buying the format. Lionsgate is one of the largest production and distributuin houses in the world, whose films ‘The Twilight Sage’ and ‘Hunger Games’ were box office smashes in the last few years. Their TV series include ‘Mad Men’, ‘Weeds’,  and ‘Nurse Jackie’.  Lionsgate also distributes programmes such as Will & Grace, Little House on the Prairie and The Biggest Loser.

Rest in Peace is a 12-episode drama series uncovering the dark secrets from the past through the interesting stories of ordinary people. Lucija Car, a young journalist, together with Martin Strugar, a retired prison guard, embarks on a journey of discovery that leads her and Martin to the hidden truths about past events. They are opposed by all those who want to keep these secrets buried deeply underground. Rest in Peace deals with dangerous secrets of the former communist regime and major social issues from Croatias recent history that have plagued all transitional countries.

Ring Production in Croatia are currenlty negotiating with Croatian Radiotelevision about filming the second season of Rest in Peace. The first American version of the series will not hit screens before 2015.

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