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American-Croatians host U.S. Ambassador on Mljet

U.S. Ambassador to Croatia Mr. Robert Kohorst on Mljet

MLJET, 30 April 2019 – U.S. Ambassador to Croatia Mr. Robert Kohorst has visited a fish farm operated by an American-Croatian family on the stunning island of Mljet.

Ambassador Kohorst visited Riba Mljet, which is established in 2003 by the Dabelić family. Riba Mljet was the first and only Naturland certified farm in Croatia, growing meagre, sea bass, sea bream and mussels.

Emigrants from the island of Mljet were among the first Croatians to arrive in America, dating back to as far as 1790. 

In the village of Pomena on the island, the ambassador also met with prominent American Croatian, and member of the Croatian World Congress USA and Team USA member for the upcoming Croatian World Games 2020 in Zagreb, with Ana Strazicic Rodriguez (Ane Mljecka) whose roots are also from Mljet.  

Ane was born on the Croatian island of Mljet and moved to America in the late 1980s. Ane married a professional chef from Puerto Rico, Luis Rodriguez, and published the popular cookbook From The Kitchen of Ane from Mljet: Traditional Croatian Cuisine From the Region of Dubrovnik which she gifted to Ambassador Kohorst. 

Ane gifts Ambassador Kohorst a copy her book

Thanking Ane for the gift, Ambassador Kohorst presented her with his American Ambassador badge. 

Ane also talked with the ambassador about the projects of the Croatian World Congress in the USA led by Nada Pritisanac Matulich, President of HSK USA, National Coordinator of HSI (Croatian World Games) Team USA and civilian representative at the UN. 

Ambassador’s badge

The ambassador and his guests enjoyed the unique beauty of the island of Mljet and hospitality during their visit. Croatian World Games Team USA look forward to seeing the Ambassador in Zagreb in 2020.  Team USA will visit Dubrovnik and Mljet after the Croatian World Games.

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