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American-Croat To Become Head Of Secret Service In Croatia

According to media reports in Croatia, for the first time Croatia is set to get an American citizen as head of its Civilian Secret Service.

With incumbent boss Josip Buljevic’s mandate finishing on 10 October, daily newspaper Jutarnji list reports that both the nation’s Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and President Ivo Josipovic have rubber stamped the appointment of American-Croat Dragan Lozancic.

Lozancic was born in the U.S to Croatian immigrant parents and has been with the Croatian Ministry of Defence since 1991. He is the current Assistant Defence Minister in Croatia.

Croatian defence expert Fran Visnar believes there is nothing unusual about an American citizen being Croatia’s top Civilian Secret Service man.

“In Mossad, one of the best intelligence agencies in the world, you have people who have American citizenship along with Israeli. In case of the Croatian Secret Service, if his other citizenship is American, there is no problem of loyalty because we play the same music on our violin as the American’s play on theirs,” said Visnar.

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