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American Army Donates Super Goggles To Croatian Pilots

Croatian fighter pilots can now fly in any conditions at night, regardless of cloud, rain or the moon, thanks to a donation of eight pairs of “super” goggles from the American army.

The Night Vision Goggles (NVG), which are valued at around 8,000 euros a pair, take pilots into another world.

“With these goggles we can fly at a much lower height, which is very important because helicopters are obscured for a long time. Thanks to the goggles, we can work at anytime of the night, regardless of the moon, clouds or rain,” said pilot Antonija Mutabzija.

The goggles are so sensitive that they can not be touched with fingers or be blown on.”You can see the light, shadows, every movement, leaves on trees, even animals in the bush,” added Antonija.

Croatian pilots have now been trained by American experts and can now train their colleagues for NVG flights.

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