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All Things Croatia: New podcast in English launches 

New podcast in English launches All things Croatia

Brand new podcast All Things Croatia launches

A new podcast covering ‘All Things Croatia’ in English has just launched. 

The podcast is hosted by Stanko Zovak, a Croatian-American who has been living in Croatia for the past year. Stanko moved from Los Angeles to Zagreb in an effort to better connect with his heritage and learn the Croatian language. 

“My goal is to bring listeners incredible stories of Croatians and Croatian diaspora through culture, business, and everyday life. And of course don’t forget food, sports, music, and everything else Croatia has to offer,” Stanko tells us.

Through the podcast, Stanko hopes to connect the global Croatian community and allow people to share stories, learn about new ventures, and discover “All Things Croatia” as he talks, in English, with people both in the Homeland and around the globe who have connections to Croatia.

All Things Croatia: New podcast in English launches 

‘All Things Croatia’ 

“Growing up as a member of the Croatian diaspora in Los Angeles, I was always involved in the community but wanted to do more. One year ago I made the choice to quit my job and move to Zagreb where I’m studying the Croatian language and now focusing my efforts on this podcast,” Stanko says, before adding. 

“On the “All Things Croatia” podcast, listeners can expect to hear from Croatian entrepreneurs, returning diaspora to the Homeland, influencers, Olympians, musicians, app developers, tour guides, artists, athletes, and the biggest Croatian celebrities that will return my calls! “

New podcast in English launches All things Croatia

‘All Things Croatia’ podcast host Stanko Zovak

On the first All Things Croatia podcast episode, which is also an introduction for listeners to get acquainted with the host, Stanko chats with George Dulcich, a Croatian-American from Los Angeles who also quit his job last year and traveled to Zagreb for a Croatian language program offered by the Croatian government. 

“We talk about his experience, including how to apply for the scholarship, what the program entails, and his move to Zagreb. George also gives us the latest on the Croatian national football team, his boxing career, comedy channel, and his Christopher Walken impression are must-hears. The first podcast is also a good chance for listeners to get to know a little bit about myself before we get into all the future episodes. I hope you enjoy these weekly episodes as much as I do while recording them, and thanks so much for your support,” Stanko concludes.

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The podcast, which will have a new episode every week, is hosted on Patreon and can be found at All Things Croatia. Click here to listen to the podcast. 

“All Things Croatia” – follow on Patreon and Instagram to keep informed when new episodes drop. 

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