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Air Croatia Latest Low Cost Airline to Pull Pin

CroatiaJust days after startup low-cost airline Dalmatian announced that they would no longer be operating flights to and from Croatia this year, another new player who were also set to enter the market this summer, have postponed their launch…

Air Croatia, who earlier this year announced that they would be flying from Gothenburg and Stockholm to Split and Zagreb from June to October, have postponed their laugh until the summer of 2015, confirmed Ex-YU Aviation news.

“Those flights have been postponed since May due to low amount of bookings and some technical problems connecting our booking system and flights to many of the major search engines, which made it too risky and difficult to sell only through our website. The routes that are shown on our website are for live testing with IATA and GDS and customers are not able to pay, just to make test bookings”, the Swedish-operated airline said, before adding.

“It is a little bit sad to see that we have 100+ bookings per day now when the flights have been postponed until next summer”.

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