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After spring-like weather, Croatia set for snow next week 

ZAGREB, 18 March 2020 – After days of bright sunshine and above-average temperatures nearing 20 °C, a drastic change in the weather is set to hit parts of Croatia next week. 

The forecast for Thursday and Friday sees a continuation of sunshine and warm temperatures, with highs of 19 °C in continental Croatia and 22 °C on parts of the coast. 

Whilst the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic means people have not been able to properly enjoy the recent spring-like weather, it is all about to change.

In Zagreb, the east and other parts of continental Croatia, rain on Saturday will see temperatures drop from highs of 18 °C to just 3 °C overnight. 

Temperatures will continue to drop over the following days and according to respected weather forecasting site, yr.no, which is hosted by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in collaboration with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, snow will arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday in highland parts and even Zagreb. 



Towards the end of the week, temperatures will start slowly rising again with the following weekend seeing temperatures return to double figures. 

On the Dalmatian coast, there will also be a return to much cooler temperatures. Highs of around 18 °C this weekend will be replaced with a high of just 4 °C on Tuesday. 


Just like the rest of the country, the cold spell will only be short-lived and temperatures will return to around 18 °C the following weekend. 


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