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Advertised house prices in Croatia go up 2.8% on the year

Dubrovnik (Photo: Sorin Cicos)

ZAGREB, June 4 (Hina) – In April, advertised prices of houses in Croatia went up 2.8% on the year, with Dubrovnik leading the way with EUR 4,050 asked for one square metre, up 3.4% on the year, according to the Crozilla.com real estate portal.

Compared with April 2016 and 2017, house prices increased by about 6%. Compared with flats, houses are cheaper and less in demand in a majority of towns. Dubrovnik and Porec, both on the coast, are the only towns in which houses are more expensive than flats. In Porec, the price of a house in April was EUR 1,966/m2, up 4.6% on the year.

In April, the difference in flat and house prices was over 21%. However, the price of a flat includes only the living space whereas the price of a house also includes the land, according to Crozilla.com.

That month, houses on sale in Zagreb, Osijek, Porec, Zadar and Pula were the most browsed properties on Crozilla.com. Buyers from abroad were most interested in seaside properties, notably in Vir, Porec, Zadar, Krk, Opatija and Crikvenica.

In Split, the average house price was EUR 2,471/m2, up 7.7% on the year, followed by Opatija (EUR 2,198/m2, up 1.3%).

The biggest difference in advertised prices for flats and houses was recorded inland, the biggest in Osijek and Bjelovar, where flats were 38% more expensive than houses. In Bjelovar, the average price of a house was EUR 434/m2, while in Osijek it was EUR 592/m2.

Zagreb remained the most in-demand city for buying a property, with the difference in flat and house prices at nearly 35%. The advertised price for a house was EUR 1,285/m2.

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