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Advent in Zagreb announced from Nov 27 – Jan 7

Advent in Zagreb 2020

(Photo credit: Julien Duval/Zagreb TZ)

After a break last year due to the pandemic, Advent in Zagreb returns and will be held from November 27 until 7 January. 

“In addition to concerts and performances, 15 locations in the Upper and Lower Towns will be decorated. This year, there will be no skating rink on Tomislav Square, but sculptures of skaters will be placed to remind of past Advents when the rink was celebrated and became one of the trademarks of Zagreb Advent. The Grič tunnel will also not be decorated as in previous years,” announced Martina Bienenfeld, director of the Zagreb Tourist Board. 

“Advent begins on November 27, traditionally with the lighting of the first Advent candle at 5 pm at the Manduševac Fountain on Ban Jelačić Square. At 7 pm, if epidemiological measures allow, the lights on Zrinjevac will be turned on, from where Zagreb’s Advent actually started in 2010,” Bienenfeld added.

In cooperation with Croatian designers, traditional Croatian toys were selected and made into decorations that will be located at several locations in the centre of Zagreb, and the Zagreb Tourist Board hopes that this will inspire visitors to support Croatian craftsmen and artists and give toys that are they produced for this occasion the dearest.

Advent in Zagreb announced from November 27 to January 7

Advent in Zagreb (Photo: (Photo: Julien Duval/ Zagreb Tourist Board)

It was announced that due to the uncertainty brought by the epidemiological situation, part of the program was transferred to virtual platforms.

“I am really glad that Zagreb’s Advent is attracting such great interest again, and I really hope that regardless of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic we will be able to enjoy the numerous programs we have prepared for this year with our partners,” said Bienenfeld.

For the first time this year, Mažuranić Square will also be decorated. 

In addition to traditional Croatian toys that are the motif of this year’s Advent, special emphasis is placed on cultural and musical events.

During Advent there will be as many as 14 music programs with a total of 129 concerts, where, among other things, Zagreb soloists, Zagreb Chamber Orchestra and many other top Croatian musicians will perform, as well as young stars facing the future.

Christmas Markets

Advent in Zagreb (Photo: (Photo: Julien Duval/ Zagreb Tourist Board)

“Every year we try to enrich our Advent with novelties and I am especially glad to announce 6 new programs, namely: Advent in LADU, then Christmas Garden in the Academy of Fine Arts (ALU), Advent in Katarinac, Zagreb Jingle Mingles in cooperation with Zagreb caterers, Advent in Prolaz Matice hrvatskih obrtnika in cooperation with our craftsmen and Advent in Zagreb hotels that expect guests with a specially designed holiday offer and decoration. I would also like to mention Advent on Zrinjevac, where, in addition to the occasional arrangement, we will have as many as 13 concerts by our famous Croatian performers every Friday, Saturday and Sunday,”Bienenfeld said. 

Details of Advent in Zagreb announced....

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