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Actor Sam Riley: ‘Croatian Sea Clear as the Maldives’

CroatiaBritish actor and singer Sam Riley, best known for his performance in the 2007 biographical film Control, about the life of Ian Curtis, told the millions of readers of UK’s The Independent newspaper that his Croatian holiday was up there with his best ever. Now, Riley was not saying anything which was not known before, but good promotion nevertheless for Croatia…

When quizzed about his best holiday this is what he had to say:

Probably a tie. I went with my girlfriend – now wife [actress Alexandra Maria Lara] – to the Maldives, which is incredible. I’d never swum in a sea when I could see fish before. And then the last holiday we went on was the first with our son, who was six months old, to Croatia, staying near Zadar. The hotel was just next to the sea, which wasn’t dissimilar in temperature or clarity to the Maldives.

He went then on to say the best ever hotel he had stayed in was also in Croatia.

The Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera in Croatia. It doesn’t look like a classic holiday hotel, but it’s by the sea and has a gorgeous fish restaurant near the beach. It almost looks like a cruise ship when you’re inside. (pic: dugiotok.hr)

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