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A Warning for Cat Owners in Zagreb

catIf you are a cat owner, or know cat owners, and live in the Croatian capital then this letter from a reader that came across our desk today is worth having a read over..

Dear Croatia Week,

It’s been noted that in the last week a number of pet cats have gone missing in the west of Zagreb, around Črnomerec, Kustošija, and Rudeš. This may be the result of the longer days and increased sunshine which comes part and parcel with a Croatian summer, or it might be something more nefarious; cat disappearances of this nature can often indicate the presence of dog fighting in the region.

If you know people in your area who own or look after cats, it might be a good idea to warn them to exercise more care over the coming weeks. Often a few cats, fully domesticated or stray, can be an elderly neighbours sole source of daily affection.


(photo / wikimedia)


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