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A Celebration of Slavonian Culture, Lifestyle & Traditions

Traditions kept alive and showcased at the festival (photo: Vinkovačke Jeseni)

Festival celebrating traditions (photo: Vinkovačke Jeseni)

A chance to celebrate all things Slavonian at the Vinkovci Autumn, an event taking place from 9 – 18 September 2016 in the eastern Croatian town of Vinkovci…

The annual Vinkovci Autumn festival, which is over 50 years old now, marks the start of autumn, a season that Slavonians reap a lot rewards for their hard work during the year.

Vinkovci Autumn festival is a celebration of the Slavonian lifestyle, habits and culture and aims to give festival goers an insight into all things Slavonian – including food, dance, music, costume and dialiects.

(photo: Vinkovačke Jeseni)

(photo: Vinkovačke Jeseni)

Over the next week there will be a host of various culture performances, including from kids groups, fashion shows, concerts, recitals, a chance to sample some traditional Slavonian cuisine and lots more.

For more details you can check out the official website here.

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