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9,000 Eligible Pensioners Living Abroad Missing Out

CroatiaMore than 9,000 people living abroad and entitled to receive a Croatian pension are missing out because the Croatian Institute for Pension Insurance have yet to receive national identification numbers (OIB) from them…

Croatia’s Minister of Labour and Pension System Mirando Mrsić announced the news on Monday, and although the number of outstanding OIB’s had dropped from January, there was still work to be done.  In October last year the Pension Institute were still waiting on 49,586 OIB’s – of which 2,800 were from local Croatian residents. In January 21,915 pensioners residing abroad had their pensions cancelled as a result of not providing their OIB’s, but that number has since dropped to around 9,000. 485 pensioners residing in Croatia have yet to supply the Institute with OIB numbers.

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