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9 Zagreb Parks: Perfect for Spring Days

By Nika Bogdanic

Unlike a lot of other capital cities around the world, Zagreb has plenty of parks, promenades, forests, lakes and an impressive mountain perfect for a nature getaway.

We take a lot at some of the city’s parks – a perfect place to hang out at now that spring is here.

1. Maksimir Park

Maksimir (photo credit: Sandra Tralic)

Maksimir is the oldest public park and one of the nicest places in Zagreb. It was founded in the late 18th century at what was then the outskirts of Zagreb and it was the first large public park in South-Eastern Europe. Nowadays, this 800 acre park isn’t in the outskirts any longer as the city has grown – it’s between the central and the eastern part of Zagreb, accessible to everyone.

Maksimir (photo credit: Sandra Tralic)

The enchanting forest, lakes with swans and ducks, green meadows, hills, walking and running paths form this natural fairy tale. This park is also a home to Zagreb’s ZOO. Trams number 4, 7, 11 and 12 can take you to Maksimir.

2. Cmrok

Cmrok (photo credit: Suncanaz/Instagram)

In the northern part of Zagreb, on the slopes of Medvednica mountain, there’s a park/meadow and a promenade called Cmrok. Cmrok is a great place for a picnic during the warmer seasons, it’s a meeting point for dog owners and their pets, and it’s a famous sleigh ride slope for kids when it’s snowing in Zagreb.

It’s quite close to the center so you can walk (it’s located behind the Upper Town) or you can take a bus ride with buses 101, 102 and 105 from Kaptol or Britanski square.

3 – 5. Zrinjevac, Strossmayer Square & Tomislavac

Zagreb (photo credit: Sandra Tralic)

Between Zagreb’s main square and Glavni kolodvor – the main railway station, there are three wonderful squares and parks in a row. Zrinjevac is the closest to Jelačić square and it’s famous for charming fountains, enormous trees, wooden benches, carefully arranged flowers, a meteorological column and a music pavilion which is set as the centerpiece of the park.

(photo: Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb Tourist Board)

The second one is the quieter Strossmayer square, behind the Croatian Academy of Science and Art. And the third one is King Tomislav square with an enchanting park dominated by a statue of King Tomislav.

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People enjoy these parks during the whole year, however as soon as the meteorological column shows higher temperatures the parks get fuller.

6. Ribnjak Park

Ribnjak (photo credit: Daniel Nikolic under CC)

Ribnjak Park is situated just five minutes walk from Ban Jelačić Square, the park comprises the western part of the neighborhood of Ribnjak.

The park had been a part of the city fortification since the 15th century, but it was projected in its current form and built in 1830 by Zagreb bishop Aleksandar Alagović and architect Leopold Klingspogle. The park was named after the fishponds in the area.

7. Park Bundek

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Bundek is located in Novi Zagreb north of Zapruđe and Središće neighborhoods. Since it was renovated in 2005 it’s a famous nature getaway. Besides the lake, there are cycling tracks, a promenade and parks.

There are contents for kids as well as for grown-ups – under the trees you can find barbecues, which you can use for open-air parties. Special attention is given to gardening so the flowers around the promenade look amazing.
There are bars and cafes around the lake as well.

During the summer people swim here and there are lifeguards on duty. Bundek is not as big as Jarun, however it’s more accessible from the city center and it’s very charming. To get there take any bus from Glavni kolodvor and get out on the third stop.

8. Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden (photo credit: Yuya Matsuo/@esejapan)

The Zagreb Botanical Garden is located at Marulić square in the city center so no trams or buses are necessary to get there. It was founded in 1889 by Antun Heinz, a professor of the University of Zagreb, and opened to public in 1891 as a part of the Faculty of Science.

This nature utopia is a home to over 10 000 plant species from around the world, including 1 800 exotic ones. It also has large ponds for aquatic plants. The easiest and the fastest way to get lost in the nature while in the city is to pay a visit to this wonderful garden. The entrance is free and it’s open to public April to November.

9. Jarun

Jarun (photo: Marko Vrdoljak / Zagreb Tourist Board)

Jarun is a 2km long artificial lake surrounded by cycling tracks, a promenade, forests and parks. It’s located in the southwest part of Zagreb and you can get there by taking trams 5 or 17. It’s a popular nature getaway at any time of the year, but especially during the warmer seasons. People come here to do sports, to stroll, to sunbathe during the summer, to relax and enjoy the nature.

It’s also an important venue for rowing competitions, with a large spectator stand at the western end. Veliko Jezero (the big lake) is the part of the lake for rowing and windsurfing, while Malo Jezero (the small lake) is reserved for swimming, pedal boat rides, bars and cafes.

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