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8,700 tourist arrivals registered in Croatia in 1st week of eased restrictions

 (Photo: Pero Vojkovic/Unsplash)

ZAGREB, May 18 (Hina) – In the first week of lifting COVID-19 lockdown measures from 11 to 17 May, there were 8,700 tourist arrivals and 84,500 bed nights registered in the e-visitor system, 34% of that was in domestic accommodation, the Croatian National Tourist Board (HTZ) informed on Monday.

The e-visitor system shows that in the past week certain steps forward have been noticed in tourism trends compared to the period prior to COVID-19 restrictions being relaxed, for example, in April this year there were about 9,500 arrivals and 392,000 bed nights.

Last week, local tourists accounted for the majority of arrivals (74%), followed by Slovenians (15%) and the rest from other countries.

Initial data indicates that compared to preceding weeks, tourists stayed in commercial rather than non-commercial accommodation hence 34% stayed in domestic accommodation followed by 26% in hotels while 20% stayed in non-commercial facilities. 

Responding to a query by Hina, HTZ announced that it was preparing a campaign for foreign markets which will head in two directions, towards market whose citizens are likely and will be able to visit Croatia, mostly from neighbouring and central European countries (Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic), and the other campaign would target important markets from which tourists will not be able to travel to Croatia that soon due to the pandemic (USA, China, South Korea and the like). 

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