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82% of Croatian Workers ‘Dipping Pen in Company Ink’


Croatia132With Valentines Day around the corner leading job portal MojPosao have published results from its latest office romance survey…

So how are Croatians when it comes to ‘dipping the pen in the company ink’? According to the survey, which quizzed 600 people, 82% said that they had been involved in a relationship of some sort with someone at work. The average length of the ‘office’ relationship was 1 year and 9 months.

Out of all the respondents that admitted having something at work with someone that was more than ‘friendship’ or a ‘business relationship’, 46% said that it was a ‘serious love relationship’, while 24% said that it was a purely a sexual relationship. Women were more likely to engage in a serious relationship at work (52% women / 37% men), whilst men were engaged more in an exclusively sexual relationship at work (28% men / 22% women).

When it came to relationships at work, 81% said it was with a colleagues on the same level in the firm, whilst 21% had a relationship with a supervisor or manager. Only 9% had a relationship with someone they managed or supervised.

When it came to hiding relationships, 33% successfully managed to keep it a secret from their workmates. 42% failed to keep it a secret, whilst 19% did not even try to conceal it.

26% of respondents said that they have had sex at the work place. 50% said they had it in the office, 31% in the storeroom and 30% in the toilet.

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