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81 new flights introduced to Croatia this summer

A total of 81 new flights to Croatia this summer to launch (Photo credit: Ken Yam/Unsplah)

15 April 2019 – The Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ) announced on Monday that during the summer flight period, which runs from 31 March to 27 October, Croatia has introduced 81 new flights, including regular, low cost and charter lines from 24 markets around the world.  

The first week of the summer flight season began with a record 252 flights, which, compared with the first weekly summer flight schedule last year, represents a 30 percent increase, HTZ said. 

The most flights in the first week were made at airports in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik. 

The new airlines and the increase in the number of rotations are, among other things, the result of HTZ activities, said HTZ Director Kristjan Staničić, saying that co-operation with air carriers is being realised through programmes of strategic promotional campaigns on markets aimed at positioning Croatia as an attractive and well-connected year-round destination. 

“We are particularly pleased with the new intercontinental line between Philadelphia and Dubrovnik, which for the first time, after almost 30 years, connects the US market,” Staničić said. 

American Airlines launching flights to Dubrovnik this summer

Looking at the markets, the most new lines, 14, are from Germany, followed by 12 new lines from the United Kingdom, eight from France, five from Italy, four from the Netherlands. 

Analysing the summer schedule, most of the flights planned are between Croatia and Germany, the UK, France, Austria and Switzerland. Most of the new flights will operate to Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Rijeka airports.

With regards to carriers, Ryanair introduces the most new flights this summer to Croatia with 15, followed by Volotea with 8 new flights. TUI has introduced 6 new flights and easyJet 5 new flights this summer season. 

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