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8 Popular Late-Night Bars in Zagreb

(photo credit: Ritz Club)

By Iva Ralica

The Croatian capital offers a wide range of clubs and bars, as well as cafes that turn into clubs in the evening, that could satisfy even the most fastidious, you just have to know where to look.

Check out this varied list of popular late-night bars approved by many tourists and locals in Zagreb at the time of writing worth checking out.


(photo credit: Swanky Monkey Garden)

Part of a famous Swanky hostel, this bar/club in the middle of Zagreb, in Ilica street, has become one of the best places to go out in Zagreb. With affordable prices, great choice of drinks and rakijas and interesting interior, as well as a summer terrace with a pool, this spot made it to the top of the list.


(photo credit: VIP Club)

Settled in the middle of Zagreb, on the Ban Jelačić square, this club offers a variety of jazz, classical and rock music, indie and electro, almost every day in a week.


(photo: Alcatraz)

Recently opened club in Tkalčićeva street, with great music and usually crowdy, offers great atmosphere. This is the second Alcatraz in town. The original is located in Preradovićeva.


(photo credit: Ritz Club)

This club in Petrinjska street, again in the centre of the city, recently celebrated its first birthday. Still, it managed to come on the list because of the many great parties it had and will have again.


(photo credit: Aquarius)

One of best clubs around Lake Jarun with top international DJs that play hip-hop, R&B and international hits.

6. SAX

Going back to the city centre, this place in Palmotićeva street is the home to a jazz music, usually. Numerous bands play all types of music in the only place on the Croatian music scene where jazz musicians can present their work.


(photo credit: Bacchus)

Ideal place to listen to live jazz music and enjoy the evening with friends, or alone, in a cozy ambiance of an old era, with wine or cocktails in the evening or a coffee in the morning! It is located near the King Tomislav square.


(photo credit: Jabuka)

“The apple” opened in 1968. And it still lives. “Good prizes, friendly people and nice atmosphere” that will take you back to the seventies and eighties and offer you the best of rock.

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