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8 Interesting Things About Lošinj Island

There are more than 1200 islands in Croatia, along with Norway we have the most indented coast in Europe. Each island is specific for some reason and here are some of them that make the island of Lošinj the perfect place to spend your vacation. Trust us, we’ve been there.

Photo by: Irena Trkulja

The main town of Mali lošinj is a natural harbour and it is a town with more citizens than any other town on the Adriatic islands. It has almost 10,000 inhabitants.

Photo by: Božica Valčić

One of the most curious and eco-friendly workshops named Ultramarin Art is hidden in the fisherman village Veli Lošinj. The owner of the workshop goes around the island and collects waste from beaches, and then she creates some of the most interesting souvenirs – the main topic is Adriatic! Visit this atelier and feel the positive energy.

Photo collage by: Irena Trkulja

Ćunski is a tiny village, 10 minutes drive from Mali Lošinj. It is interesting because there is held Croatian Language School each summer. The main idea is to immerse pupils in the local surroundings where they can practice Croatian language and meet Croatian people. As well, just five minutes walk distance, there is a beautiful private beach on the other side of the village.

Photo collage by: Božica Valčić

Airport Mali Lošinj looks like time has stopped a few decades ago, there are no regular flights, you can only book touristic flights or flights on demand. Flight ticket to Pula costs about 350 €, to Rijeka 500 €, to Split and Zagreb 1125 € and to Dubrovnik 1950 €. As you can see, it is quite expensive, but you will have an aerial view of the Adriatic coast and beautiful islands like Pag, Susak, Dugi Otok, Brač, Hvar…

Photo collage by: Miško Macolić Tomičić

Nerezine is a soothing village for all those tourists who would like to immerse in local culture while enjoying beautiful and clear sea water that looks like oil on canvas.

Photo by: Miško Macolić Tomičić

Osor is actually part of island Cres, but we believe it is worth mentioning since Cres and Lošinj used to be one island, later divided by an artificial canal. Today, two islands are connected by drawbridge only a few meters long. Osor is rich in culture and history and it has all time exhibition and roman ruins!

Photo collage by: Irena Trkulja

Lošinj and Cres archipelago counts about 1.500 different plant species.

Photo by: Božica Valčić

There are no vipers on the island of Lošinj. Legend says that the island was blessed by the Osor bishop St. Gaudens who banished vipers from the island forever.

Now, what are you waiting for? It is time to make your itinerary for your next vacation, don’t skip island Lošinj this time.

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