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72-Year-Old Granny Jailed For 80 Euro Debt

A 72-year-old granny was jailed for 6 days because of an outstanding 80 euros debt to a utility company. Minka Maltaric, from Cvetlina, near Trakoscan in northern Croatia, owed the firm 624.26 kuna (82 euros) for taking away rubbish from her home.

Because Maltaric did not own anything except her old house in the village of Cvetlina, the courts locked up the fragile granny for six-days and wiped the debt. Granny Minka failed to pay five bills from the rubbish collection company during 2011 and 2012 because she simply did not have the money to pay, reports 24sata.

The company took court action against the 72-year-old and the court ruled that she would serve the time to wipe off the debt.

“I can’t believe in my old age that they took me to jail like a criminal,” said Minka, adding that her and her husband live off just 1,200 kuna (160 euros) a month from social support as neither have a pension.

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