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7 best beaches in Split, Croatia to visit

Split, Croatia

by Iva Ralica 

The Adriatic coast hides many gorgeous beaches and around the second biggest city in Croatia, Split, there are a few popular pearls where you can take a refreshing swim on a hot summer’s day. If you are discovering Split, check out these seven beaches where you can have fun or just relax.

1. Bačvice

The most popular place to play the favourite and traditional summer ball game – picigin, is Bačvice beach. If you’re looking to meet new people, this should be your first destination and is only 1km away from the centre of Split. Surrounded by a lot of bars and clubs, Bačvice beach is also one of the busiest night destinations for young people. Even though crowded, the sea here is surprisingly clear.

Bačvice (Photo credit: Aleksandar Gospic/Croatian Tourist Board)

2. Ovčice

One other crowded beach with gorgeous sea and big rocks is Ovčice beach. Near Bačvice beach, this spot is perfect if you don’t mind the crowds and we recommend coming as early as possible to take the best spots.

3. Žnjan

A big parking place is what makes this beach so popular among the families. A mini-park and a cafe, recently renewed area surrounding the beach is now a place to go if you want to sit in cafes, drinking coffee and then occasionally take a swim.

Big plans for Žnjan (Grad Split)

4. Kaštelet (Obojena)

Only 20 minutes away from the city centre, under Meštrović gallery and surrounded by Marjan, Kaštelet is a pebble and sand beach with clear sea. This is one other favourite spot for young people because of the loud music and cafes. The beach was named after one popular cafe called Obojena svjetlost.

5. Kašjuni

Settled a bit further than Kaštelet, on the Marjan peninsula, Kašjuni is a beach to which you could walk, but is better if you drive by car or take a bus no12. It is a place from which you can watch the gorgeous forest of Marjan and its churches all while calmly swimming in the clear sea. It is great for families with children because of the easy entrance into the sea and the combination od pebbles and sand. If you are a fan, there is a nude beach just around the corner.

Kašjuni beach (Photo: Zvone00 under CC)

6. Bene

This beach is also a part of Marjan and you can reach it by bus no.12 or walking through the forest or by the sea or you could also take a bike tour. It is popular with families with children because of the playground, tennis court and an open gym, showers and a restaurant nearby, as well as the possibility to hide under the shades of big pine trees. But, if you wish to spend more private time, you can always walk a bit further and find it nearby.

Picigin (Photo credit: Aleksandar Gospic/Croatian Tourist Board)

7. Trstenik

This pebble beach is partially under the control of the nearby hotel so it also means that it is very neat. There are cafes, but this is a more private beach than Bačvice or Žnjan, so if you’re looking for a clear blue sea and a bit of silence, this is the spot.

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