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65-million-year-old stone balls discovered in Ludbreg

The stone balls on display in Ludbreg (Photo: evarazdin.hr)

21 March 2019 – The small town of Ludbreg in north-western Croatia has a new tourist attraction – 65 million year-old stone balls which now sit in front of the city administration building.  

The stone balls, which were found during works on roads to nearby forests in the area, are believed to be more than 65 million years old, evarazdin.hr reports. 

“These stone balls are about 65 million years old. They were created by depositing sand and cemented into rock through chemical reactions. The balls can be of different shapes, composition, materials and weight,” Jelena Koprek, archeologist at the Center for Culture and Information “Dragutin Novak” in Ludbreg, said.   

(Photo: evarazdin.hr)

Mayor Dubravko Bilić said that the current location of the balls was temporary. 

“A great and interesting project “Protection and revitalisation of industrial heritage – Ciglana Ludbreg” is underway in which it is planned that the balls will be installed. With this project, we encourage the development of cultural tourism. We are a city of impressive history, which these stone balls are proof of and I believe that this project will confirm that as well,”said Mayor Bilić.

Ludbreg is located between Varaždin and Koprivnica. The folk of the town claim that if you were to spread a map of the world flat, then it is Ludbreg which is in the centre.


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