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60 Seconds With…Martina Vrbos

Martina-VrbosPopular Croatian singer Martina Vrbos, who has enjoyed a career spanning more than a decade and a half, is Croatia Week’s latest ‘60 Seconds With...’ guest. Martina, who was worked with the likes of Let 3 and Đorđe Balašević, also starred in the reality show ‘Survivor’.

Martina, When did you first start singing? Now when I’m thinking it was like 15 years ago which means that I’m gonna die soon..Joking…15 long years..

Who was your favourite singer growing up? Mmm I loved, I mean still loving, but back then I adored Stevie Wonder and Miss Houston:-)
Which concert is your most memorable you have played? hmmm…there were alottt…but maybe Banja luka 1 year ago..it was…I don’t know I was almost speechless..people and me and the stage and..everything was perfect

Favourite venue you have sung at? I dont remember venues, I only remember the people;)

Where would you love to sing at? Albert Hall or any bog fogin venue;))

Favourite place in Croatia?  My parents house ahahaha

Favourite restaurant in Croatia? Kamene priče in Bale, Istria

Kamene priče, Bale, Istria (pic Istria.hr)

Kamene priče, Bale, Istria (pic Istria.hr)

Favourite club/bar in Croatia? There isn’t any…I like to hang out in Sabrage Bar in Rijeka with my friend Zigman

How do you relax away from work? I loveee movies..I just do a lot of horrors ahahaha

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you travel to? NYC again and always

Again and always..NYC

Again and always..NYC

What would you be doing if you were not a singer? I would be a great business women ..having my own company…related to engineering;)) along with my brother Marko ahahha

Martina relaxin'

Martina relaxin’

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