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60 Seconds With…Jasna Nanut

Jasna NanutCroatian TV presenter – come film maker – come DJ – Jasna Nanut is Croatia Week’s latest “60 Seconds With…” guest. The former The Moment of Truth and Masterchef Croatia presenter talks about food, film, her fireplace and much more…

You have been a presenter on TV, your involved in film making and you also DJ, what is your number one passion?  I also tweet movie and TV recommendations on twitter.com/jasnananut because when I see something good I want to share the experience. But my biggest passion are movies. I study film directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb. Hope to become a full-time filmmaker soon.

What is your favourite movie? Chungking Express. In the Mood for Love. Five Easy Pieces. Police, adjective. The Death of Mr. Lazarescu. Paris, Texas. The Getaway. Chinese Roulette. Drive. Take Shelter. Napoleon Dynamite. Knife in the Water. Repulsion. The Tenant. The Passenger. Sleeper. Zelig. Scenes from a Marriage. The list is endless…

And your favourite TV series? Breaking Bad. It’s a masterpiece by all means. Hail to the king! I also love Curb Your Enthusiasm. Flight of the Conchords. Bored to Death. Sons of Anarchy…

Which TV show has been your favourite to present? It’s like with love. The latest is usually the greatest.

You were presenter of Masterchef Croatia, how are you in the kitchen? I started cooking early on, when I was around six. My first dish were mud rolls. Made of real mud in the yard. But I’ve evolved since. I cook almost every day. I strongly believe that you are what you eat, so I try to cook healthy dishes.

What is your favourite dish you like to cook? It varies on the season. My favourite autumn dish is Pumpkin Soup followed by Fresh Baked Sardines with Tomatoes. I adore carob so I would suggest my home-made Carob Schnapps and Fabulous Carob Cake for dessert.

You also do a bit of DJ-ing, who is your favourite DJ? Eric Prydz. I love his remixes.

What is your favourite club? In Zagreb it’s definitely Pepermint, and worldwide it’s a karaoke bar in Tokyo, I don’t remember its name, but it was a high building with lots of rooms for private karaoke singing and a beautiful city view.

What are you listening to at the moment? Morrissey’s oldies but goldies.

What is your favourite place in Croatia? My flat, in front of the fireplace, with my daughter, building Lego towns.

What is your favourite restaurant? I would say my mother in law Milica’s kitchen. She did catering for my short film all by herself so we had home-cooked meals on the set every day. I also love every unforgettable dish prepared by Tom Gretic in Monte Moulini and Priska Thuring in Lone in Rovinj. Thumbs up for Elixir, too. It’s a raw food club in Zagreb. Wouldn’t mind eating raw food every other day.

What is your favourite city in the world? Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo.

How do you relax away from work? I disappear in the dark of the cinema theatre and watch a good movie.

What are you working on currently? I just finished a short film Together so I’m sending it to film festivals. I’m also working on a new script, and finishing a video for Euro Black Nation, a Roma hip hop group from Slavonia who I did a documentary on. I’m DJing with my sister Ivana in my spare time and wishing a day would last for 48 hrs, if not 72.

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