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6 Great Winery Tours in Croatia

Winery tours are a great way to spend a day

Winery tours are a great way to spend a day

Hundreds of wine producers and stellar cellars in Croatia is helping the country’s wine tourism…

It is becoming increasingly popular for tourists to now include a winery visit on their Croatia holiday itinerary. There are so many interesting wine cellars scattered around the country, from hacienda style to garage wineries, worth taking a day out to check out and of course sample some quality wine.

Here are 6 interesting wineries to check out in Croatia recommended by Wine & More.


Bibich (photo credit: Damir Žižić and journal.hr)

Bibich (photo credit: Damir Žižić and journal.hr)

Absolute stunner!

This hacienda style winery will charm you as soon as you enter their wine shop.

Located in a secluded village of Plastovo, above beautiful Skradin, Bibich winery is a must for connoisseurs from around the world.

You can book wine tasting, tapas or the grand winemaker’s dinner – either way, they will blow your mind. Some of the greatest gluttons like Anthony Bourdain have been knocked off their feet by Alen Bibich and his crew.
Literally. FYI, Alen’s wife Vesna, in charge of their cuisine, is one of the most talented chefs in Croatia.


Miloš (photo credit: milos.hr)

Miloš (photo credit: milos.hr)

This family owned winery located on Pelješac peninsula has been working hard for the last 30 years to make a living from winemaking so no wonder they’ve grown into a cult.

Once you go to their vineyards and see this impressive view, you’ll get the idea of how hard it is to grow vines on their location.

Masters of Croatian indigenous Plavac Mali, ancestor to more famous Zinfandel, Miloš family will get under your skin and it will be difficult to forget them.


Plenković (photo credit: Marijan Močvnik/studio-ajd.si)

Plenković (photo credit: Marijan Močvnik/studio-ajd.si)

One of the oldest and most known Croatian wineries – Plenković – is situated on a stunning position of Sveta Nedilja, on the southern slopes of the island of Hvar. Recently deceased Zlatan Plenković was recognised as a pioneer winemaker of his time.

Plenković winery has a restaurant and a small marina and offers wine tasting in an underwater cellar. Definitely a place where you can spend a whole day indulging all your senses.


Roxanich (photo credit: roxanich.hr)

Roxanich (photo credit: roxanich.hr)

At the moment still sort of a garage winery, Roxanich cellar is a true representative of a “software over hardware” philosophy. Understated building of their winery hides hardly imaginable quantity of wines on ageing (at every moment around 500.000 liters).

Here you’ll have the opportunity to try wines from barrels and see how different wines develop over time and how long it takes for wine to get to the bottle. If everything goes as planned, in few years they are moving into a new cellar.


Senjković (photo credit/Senjković/Facebook)

Senjković (photo credit/Senjković/Facebook)

Megi and Saša Senjković are young winemaking couple living on the island of Brač. Saša’s humble presence will show you anything is possible with hard-work and clear vision, whereas Megi’s eclectic spirit and culinary talent will blow your mind (and then some).

They also recognised the opportunity of upgrading their offer from simple wine tasting to a memorable experience so now they offer lunch/dinner sessions.


Josić (photo credit: josic.hr)

Josić (photo credit: josic.hr)

Josić winery is definitely worth visiting.

Located in a heart of Baranja and situated in a cellar dating from 1935, this family owned winery proves that continental part of Croatia also benefits from wine tourism.

Cultivating grapes specific for their respective area, Josić winery offers graševina (Riesling Italico), Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and very interesting red blends made of Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Frankovka (Blaufränkisch).

Moreover, the winery has a proper restaurant and we assure you – food from this area is finger-licking good.

To learn more about Croatian wines and Croatian winemakers, check out Wine & More’s website. The crew at Wine & More also make it simple and easy to purchase Croatian wines and have them delivered to your doorstep.

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