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5 travel tips while visiting Split solo

Visiting Split solo (Photo: Private album)

By Diana Tencic

Travelling alone is often described as the best way to get to know a country. When that country is Croatia, you’ll not only understand it better but you’ll fall in love with it simultaneously.

I recently returned from a memorable and life changing trip to Croatia. Apart from spending time with family, I ventured on my own flying to Split on the smallest plane ever from Pula airport to Split. Now as a mature aged traveller, I found this both exciting and daunting.

(Photo: Private album)

Understanding the language however rusty with my conversation, I though why the hell not, you only live once right? The best decision I made! I only had 3 days and so I had to make the most of it.

Here are my tips on traveling solo in Split.

1. Book secure accomodation – gone are my hostel days! I needed a safe and secure apartment right in the heart of town. I wanted to feel safe enough to walk the old town on my own and not stray too far away from where I was staying. I booked a room at marmontova luxury rooms.

(Photo: Private album)

2. Take a guided tour of the city. This is a must. You meet fellow travellers, learn a thing or two about the City and enjoy good food also. I booked a food and history tour which ticked two of my loves! I used Split Historical and gastro treasures via airbnb.

(Photo: Private album)

(Photo: Private album)

3. Book a small boat trip to the islands. I found a wonderful charter company where the boat accomodated only 12 passengers. Such a delight as you can truly experience the sights without the crowds. Blue caves and 5 island tours. via airbnb.

4. Stick to the path….I walked  to the top of for one of the best views of Split Marjan Hill. It is a steep climb but worth it for the wonderful view. 

(Photo: Private album)

5. I always felt safe in Split and made sure I was always in lit areas and kept my bag in front of me nice and tight. 

I cannot express how safe I felt in the old town. I ventured to the beach at  Bačvice and watching all ages play a ball game called picigin. I made sure I only had my room key and small amount of money with me just in case my bag went walkabout. I sat with families and never had my back to the beach. 

(Photo: Private album)

Common sense is key and these simple tips made my trip all the more enjoyable and memorable without any mishaps.

There are plenty of things to do and see in Split. Check out 15 tips here


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