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4.5 Million Tourists Already Visit Croatia in 2017

4.5 million visitors in first 6 months

There seems no doubt that last year’s record tourist year will be beaten in 2017.

From 1 January to the middle of June 2017 around 4.5 million tourists have visited Croatia, which is 22% more than the same period last year, Croatia’s Minister of Tourism has stated.

Whilst arrivals were up 22%, overnight stays, a key measure in the tourism sector, were up 24% with 16 million created up until the middle of June 2017.

Last year over 16 million tourists visited Croatia, which was the most ever in a calendar year, but all signs are pointing to 2017 to eclipse it.

Rovinj (Photo credit: Emili Bećirević)

“There are encouraging signs for bookings for the post-season, in October and November, and it is forecast that there should be overall growth of between 3-4% from last year,” Minister Gari Cappelli stated.

The Germans were still the nation’s number one tourists, creating around 4 million overnights in the first half of the year. Austrians, Slovenians, Brits, and Italians also arrived in large numbers.

Dubrovnik popular again this year

Most Visited Cities in Croatia in first 6 months of 2017

1. Zagreb
2. Dubrovnik
3. Split
4. Poreč
5. Rovinj
6. Zadar

Most Visited Cities in Croatia in June 2017

1. Dubrovnik
2. Zagreb
3. Rovinj
4. Poreč
5. Split

Zagreb most visited in first half of year (photo credit: Roberta F. CC)

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