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3rd Smartest Person On The Planet Has His Struggles

The third smartest person in the world says that he always felt he was a step ahead of everyone else. Croatian maths professor Mislav Predavec (45) was last week ranked third on the list of the 20 most intelligent people in the world created by Australian psychiatrist Jason Betts.

The list, based on IQ tests results, saw the Zagreb based professor ranked in third place with his IQ score of 192. To put Predavec’s result in to context, one in of every billion citizen will have an IQ of over 190.

“I always felt I was a step ahead of others. As material in school increased, I just solved the problems faster and better. Very difficult intelligence tests are my favorite hobby,” Mislav told Croatian newspaper Jutarnji list.

Mislav’s mother says she knew right away that her son was a bit special. “Once on the coast, when he was a very small boy, he was reading the comic Alan Ford. People could not believe it, but I knew he was special, which he later showed in school. I never had a problem with him. I did not have to worry if he done his homework or how will he pass an exam. He always had 5’s (A’s),” said Nada Predavec.

The most intelligent Croatian is not a genius in every field though, as his wife Marijana explains.

“You can say he is a genius, but there are things he finds difficult. When we buy a mobile phone I am the one that puts it together and puts the SIM card in. Same thing with the dishwasher. We are just a ordaniary couple, he is a great husband and is constantly helping the kids in school,” said Marijana.

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