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36th Rijeka Carnival in full swing

(Photo: Rijeka Carnival)

RIJEKA 25, January 2019 – One of the most colourful and fun periods of the year in Rijeka has started. 

The famous Rijeka Carnival, which has been added to the list of the 500 most important events in Europe, opened on 17 January and will end this year on 6 March 2019.

The opening event, as always, was the Rijeka Carnival Queen pageant and the handing over of the city key when carnival-goers “officially” take over the city.

What follows is weeks of masked madness, parties, concerts, balls, and fun for all ages culminating with the International Carnival Parade on 3 March 2019.

Fun for young and old (Photo: Rijeka Carnival)

The International Carnival parade draws people from all around Europe and has been a February tradition in the city since 1982, with more than 150,000 visitors last year.

Key events during the carnival period include.

25 January – Masquerade ball at Pašac

2 February – Carnival Party – Zak concert

9 February – Carnival Party – Jelena Rozga & Groovers concert 

10 February – The 10th prince and princess contest

16 February – Children’s Carnival Parade

16 February – Carnival Party – Jole concert

23 February – Masked “Paris-Bakar” Rally/Carnival snowboard session

2 March – Carnival Party – Mate Bulić and Aurora concert

3 March – International Carnival Parade

For more details about what is going on and where check out the official Rijeka Carnival website here

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