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330,000 visitors currently in Croatia, stats show it’s 60% of last year’s result

Dubrovnik (Photo Andrew Buchanan)

ZAGREB, July 3 (Hina) – There are currently 330,000 guests staying on Croatia, which equals to 60% of the tourist trade on the same day last year, according to the statistics provided by the e-visitor application, Croatian National Tourist Board director Kristjan Stanicic said on Friday in Crikvenica.

Stanicic said that during June there had been 800,000 visitors registered by the said application and they generated about 5 million overnight stays, which is 32% to 33% of the tourist trade volume in the corresponding period in 2019.

The HTZ director expects a rise in tourist statistical figures in July and August.

He recalled that during COVID-19 pandemic the HTZ had created three campaigns to maintain Croatia’s visibility in media outlets and on social networks.

This enabled Croatia to be one of the Mediterranean destinations with ongoing tourist trade.

Asked by the press about Slovenian guests against a backdrop of the decision of the Slovenian government to demote Croatia from the green list of COVID safe countries to the yellow list of less safe countries, Stanicic said that currently there were 70,000 Slovenians vacationing in Croatia.

“We are following the developments and Slovenia’s recommendations to its citizens. I believe that in the coming days with a drop in the number of new COVID cases, Croatia will be returned to the green list and that Slovenians will be visiting Croatia,” he added.

He recalled that the most numerous guests have been coming from Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

As for the spread of the coronavirus, Stanicic said that the Croatian tourist sector was aware of the risks and that protocols and procedures had been prepared for hospitality businesses so as to reduce the risk to a minimum.

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