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33,000 tourists currently in Croatia


ZAGREB, June 2 (Hina) – Currently, there are 33,000 tourists in Croatia, according to the data collected by the e-Visitor, which means that over the last 14 days their number has increased threefold.

The latest data show that foreign visitors again exceed the number of local guests, as currently, 21,000 guests with foreign passports are visiting Croatia. Most of the foreigners have come from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Czech Republic.

During the three-month lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, local guests outnumbered foreigners, and now the trend is being reversed.

The adverse impact of the pandemic on the tourist trade is evident in the statistics showing that on 1 June 2019, there were 315,000 guests registered by the e-Visitor system and currently 10 times fewer guests are in the country.

The gradual reduction of restrictive measures and the fact that some central and eastern European countries open up their borders have led to the gradual strengthening of the tourist trade, according to the comment made by the Croatian Tourism Board director Kristjan Stanicic.

Also, 6% of the total number of tourists arrive in Croatia by bus, and most of them are Czechs, Slovaks, Serbians, and Poles, and this mode of transportation will enable speedy restoration of the tourist routes.

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