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32 years ago today: Croatia Airlines makes historic first flight

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On this day 32 years ago, Croatia Airlines marked a historic moment as they flew their first commercial flight under the Croatian flag carrier logo.

The first commercial flight took place on May 5th, 1991 and flew between the capital Zagreb and Split on the Dalmatian coast. 

This represented a significant achievement for the Republic of Croatia as it established its own flag carrier airline and scheduled air traffic within its borders.

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The airline has come a long way since. 

This upcoming tourist season Croatia Airlines will connect Croatia with 22 international destinations and 23 European airports. 

Croatia Airlines plans to fly on 47 international routes, offering more than 1,820,000 seats with over 17,000 flights scheduled.

Zagreb will be linked to 15 European destinations, and Split to be linked to 20 European destinations. Dubrovnik is also expected to have direct international flights to seven European cities. Moreover, Rijeka, Osijek, and Brač will have weekly rotations to Munich.

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