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30,000 Waiting For Gotovina In His Home Town

More than 30,000 people from all parts of Croatia welcomed acquitted Croatian General Ante Gotovina back to his home town of Pakostane on Croatia’s Adriatic coast last night.

Locals in the Dalmatian town organised a homecoming for Gotovina which went from dusk till dawn. Gotovina arrived just before 17:30 and addressed the crowd.

“My dear Pakostane people, friends, and all those that are here, good evening! Have fun, this is the night of our victory,” said the hero to the chants of “Ante, Ante” and a series of flares being lite.

“After so many years I have found my way home to my place. What can I say other than I am happy that I am amongst you all. Thank you for showing your christian love through these years,” said Gotovina.

Singers Marko Perkovic Thompson, Tomislav Bralic and Intrade and Drazen Zecic were on hand to sing for the general. Gotovina also had an emotional reunion with his brother Boro.

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