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2Cellos Rated Among World’s Sexiest Classical Musicians

Croatia18Popular American Internet site BuzzFeed have named famous Croatian cello duo 2Cellos -Stjepan Hauser and Luka Šulić – on their 21 Incredibly Hot Classical Musicians You Need To Know list…

Hauser was named in 4th spot, whilst his sidekick Šulić was one place below him in 5th place.

“Hauser is one half of 2Cellos, and the popularity of their cover of “Smooth Criminal” means Hauser is the perfect classical charming bad boy,” wrote BuzzFeed, before complimenting Šulić.

“As the other half of 2Cellos, Šulić is all about making connections with his bow, and enjoys bridging in new listeners to classical music through their classical covers of pop songs”.

BuzzFeed named Charlie Siem at number one, with Andreas Ottensamer, Diego Matheuz, Ed Lyon and David Garrett also on the list.

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