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20th Cro-a-Porter To Be Marked With UNICEF Event

This year’s 20th Cro-a-Porter, the most important fashion event in Croatia, will be complete with a collection of rag dolls designed by famous Croatian designers taking part in this year’s event.

The rag dolls will be part of a UNICEF charity event called “Goodness is always in fashion,” which will be held on tonight. All proceeds from ticket sales and from the sale of the dolls, will be donated to UNICEF’s programme to encourage foster care of children with disabilities.

The unique dolls, themed “brother and sister”, are designed by well-known Croatian fashion designers Aleksandra Dojcinovic, A’marie, Anamarija Asanovic, Boris Pavlin, Borna et Fils, Dioralop, ELFS, Hippy Garden, Ivica Klaric, Jelena Aleksic, JET-LAG, Luka Grubisic, Linea Exclusive, Matija Vuica, Monika Sablic, MAK, Madam Demode, Sonja Lamut, Tomislav Bahoric, Zoran Aragovic, Zigman, XD Xenia Design, Etna Maar and Image Haddad.

The 20th Cro-a-Porter closes on 20 October.

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