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2019 World Handball Championship: Croatia beats Spain to win Group B

MUNICH, 17 January 2019 – Croatia has beaten European champions Spain on Thursday to win Group B at the 2019 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship. 

The victory in front of over 8,000 Croatian fans in Munich was an important one as it means Croatia will now carry four points forward into the main round. 

Croatia earned their position as group winners with an impressive 23-19 win over Spain. After trailing early on, Croatia went on a 5-0 streak to go in at the break 13-10 up. 

Zlatko Horvat and Željko Musa led the way in scoring for Croatia with Marin Šego making crucial saves once again in goal as the Croatians put on an impressive defensive display in the second half.

Group B

11 January at 18:00: Croatia 31 – 27 Iceland

13 January at 16:30: Croatia 35 – 27 Japan

14 January at 18:00: Croatia 31 – 22 Macedonia

16 January at 18:00: Croatia 32 – 20 Bahrain

17 January at 20:30: Spain 19 – 23 Croatia  


Points from the preliminary round against the other qualified team are carried over into the main round group. The best two placed teams in each main round group will qualify for the semifinals.

Croatia are now in the main Group I with Spain, Germany, France, Brazil and Iceland and will start with 4 points. Croatia will play on Sunday next. 

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