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2019 European summer forecast released – what Croatia can expect

Dubrovnik (Photo: Sarah Labuda)

21 May 2019 – After an indifferent spring so far, with heavy snow falling and hurricane-force winds in Zagreb and the coldest average temperatures recorded in Split, many have been wondering what lies ahead for the summer in Croatia. 

Leading global meteorology forecasting service AccuWeather released their 2019 Europe summer forecast this week and it looks like it could be a summer of extremes.  

AccuWeather’s forecast reveals that periods dry and very hot weather will dominate this summer in Croatia but there will be the threat of severe thunderstorms throughout the season.

Though the region will not be immune from heat waves, extreme heat will be limited and there will be the likelihood of violent thunderstorms. 

“These storms will bring frequent lightning, flooding downpours and damaging winds and hail,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys sai Roys said. “The strongest storms will be capable of producing tornadoes.”

(Photo: AccuWeather)

Severe thunderstorms will most likely be during the afternoon and evening hours.

Extreme heat waves are forecast to hit that areas from Portugal and Spain to Poland and Hungary. The heat, which will be more intense than last summer, is set to start in June across the Iberian Peninsula before spreading north and eastward throughout the summer months. 

AccuWeather, which was founded in 1962, provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide. You can see the 2019 summer forecast here

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