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2019-20 Advent in Zagreb Guide

Advent in Zagreb (Photo: Julien Duval/ Zagreb Tourist Board)

Zagreb’s award-winning Advent is expected to be bigger and better this year when it gets underway again later this month.

A magical atmosphere around the city will start with the Christmas lights being turned on which will signal the start of Advent in Zagreb. Advent in Zagreb will start this year one day early on 30 November 2019 and go through until 7 January 2020.

Advent events will once again be held at a number of interesting locations around the city. Here are some of the things not to miss.

Advent on the Main Square

Ban Jelačić square (Photo: Zagreb Tourist Board)

The first thing to visit is Trg Ban Josip Jelačić, the main square, where the large Advent wreath encircles Manduševac Fountain. Here you can taste the best mulled wine and sausages, and it is also the biggest open space in Zagreb to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Advent on Zrinjevac

Zrinjevac (Photo: Julien Duval/ Zagreb Tourist Board)

Then we go to Zrinjevac where numerous small wooden cabins find their home for Advent. This is also a more intimate venue to drink your mulled wine, taste some authentic Zagreb specialties and enjoy the fairytale atmosphere of the surrounding Zrinjevac park. 

Ice Park

Ice Park (Photo: Davor Rostuhar/Zagreb Tourist Board)

King Tomislav square (Tomislavac) will once again be home to Ice Park. Apart from ice skating, you can enjoy cultural events as well delicious Christmas snacks and desserts at the many stalls which surround the rink.

Fuliranje – Fooling Around

(Photo: Julien Duval/ Zagreb Tourist Board)

Fuliranje (fooling around) will take place in Strossmayer square which is located between Tomislavac Square and Zrinjevac Park and brings tastes and atmosphere from all over the world. A number of entertaining events will be held here during Advent. 

Advent on European Square

Advent on European Square (Photo: (Photo: Julien Duval/ Zagreb Tourist Board)

Located just a few metres from Ban Jelačić Square, European Square is the best place to enjoy concerts and exhibitions during Advent. Once again stalls will offer beautiful souvenirs, food and great mulled wine for those wanting to warm up.

Live Nativity Scene

(Photo:Julien Duval/ Zagreb Tourist Board)

Staged on Kaptol, next to the gorgeous Zagreb Cathedral, you will be able to see a live Nativity scene.

Christmas Fair

Christmas Fair (Photo: S Kastelan/Zagreb Tourist Board)

In Bogovićeva street you can find not only wooden cabins where fritule, sweet almonds, and mulled wine are offered, but also beautiful handmade souvenirs, scarfs and gloves.

Advent on Stross

Advent on Stross (Photo: Zagreb Tourist Board)

Advent on Stross will provide daily entertainment for all generations.

Advent in Marić passage

(Photo: Zagreb Tourist Board)

Advent at Cafe de Matoš

Caffe de Matoš (Photo: Julien Duval/Zagreb Tourist Board)

Discover ancient Zagreb with elements of charm from coffee-houses of days long gone and immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere in the company of street bands, dancers and entertaining comedians. All these elements serve to spread love and the romantic spirit in the Upper Town.

Advent in Maksimir

Advent in Maksimir (Photo: Ivan Klindić/Zagreb Tourist Board)

Not far from the bustling city streets and pavements, just behind the main entrance to Maksimir Park, you will discover an Advent oasis for young and old. Workshops, evening concerts, a wacky photo-installation from the Museum of Illusion, an interesting spot courtesy of the Natural History Museum, a selection of fine food and drinks and so much more – and all this in the immediate vicinity of the Zoo. 

You can check out more details about what is happening on the Advent in Zagreb website.

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