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2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Schedule: Croatia Open Campaign Against Turkey

Croatia-24Croatia were drawn with Iceland, Ukraine, Turkey and Finland in Group I for the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifying yesterday in St. Petersburg…

This is the schedule of games, which sees Croatia start their road to Russia on 5 September 2016 against Turkey at home. Croatia will end the campaign away in the Ukraine on 9 October 2017.

The winners of the group will qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, whilst the 8 best second placed teams will go into a playoff.

Group I, Schedule of matches:

5 September 2016
Croatia – Turkey (20:45)
Ukraine – Iceland (20:45)

6 October 2016
Iceland – Finland (20:45)
Turkey – Ukraine (20:45)

9 October 2016
Finland – Croatia (18:00)
Iceland – Turkey (20:45)

12 November 2016
Croatia – Iceland (18:00)
Ukraine – Finland (20:45)

24 March 2017
Croatia – Ukraine (20:45)
Turkey – Finland (20:45)

11 June 2017
Finland – Ukraine (18:00)
Iceland – Croatia (20:45)

2 September 2017
Finland – Iceland (18:00)
Ukraine – Turkey (20:45)

5 September 2017
Iceland – Ukraine (20:45)
Turkey – Croatia (20:45)

6 October 2017
Croatia – Finland (20:45)
Turkey – Iceland (20:45)

9 October 2017
Finland – Turkey (20:45)
Ukraine – Croatia (20:45)

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