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2015 Expected to be a Good Vintage


After disastrous fires which devastated parts of vineyards in Pelješac in the middle of July, there is some good news for the famous wine region’s wine makers…

Summer has been very dry this year, with rain falling at just when vineyards needed it the most, leaving the grapes on the vines very ripe and full of sweet juice. However, due to the fires which did some damage to a number of vineyards, there will be up to 75,000 less bottles of quality Dingač from the 2015 harvest.

“The quality of the Zinfandel variety this year is excellent. We had a problem with wasps and bees which damaged around 20 percent, and we are thinking of ways to protect the grapes so that this does not happen next year,” wine makers Marija Mrgudić told daily Slobodna Dalmacija, adding that this year’s harvest will be above average in terms of both quality and quantity.

This summer has been a tough one for wine makers in Pelješac, a region famous for wines in Croatia, with around 150,000 vines damaged in fires. The effects are not expected to be felt this year, but the lack of the drop in Dingač might be felt more next year.

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