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2014 Report: Croatia’s Adriatic Still Cleanest in Europe

Primosten_CroatiaCroatian beaches possess some of the cleanest waters in Europe, according to the latest annual bathing water report for 2014…

Croatia, along with Cyprus and Malta, once again were the top three nations in Europe when it came to the sea water quality and clearness. The report, which has been produced now for over 20 years, reported results from water samples at 917 beaches in Croatia with 99% of the samples returning excellent or good results. Bathing sites at beaches, rivers and lakes across Europe are regularly tested for harmful pollutants and bacteria, such as E. coli, which may indicate the presence of sewage or livestock waste and help form the European Environment Agency’s annual report.

“Just like the last 4 seasons, the water quality is excellent or good in 99% of the tested areas. We are extremely proud of that. Our goal is that it stays that way,” Croatia’s Environmental Minister said.

Blue represents 'excellent' - Green - 'good' - Yellow - 'satisfactory' - Red - 'not satisfactory'

Blue represents ‘excellent’ – Green – ‘good’ – Yellow – ‘satisfactory’ – Red – ‘not satisfactory’

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