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19th Špancirfest Set to Open in Varaždin

19th Špancirfest festival set to open in Varaždin (Photo: 19th Špancirfest festival)

Špancirfest, which kicks off in Varaždin this week, is ranked among the top 5 most important cultural events on the Croatian calendar.

This year the 19th Špancirfest festival will be held in Varaždin from 18-27 August 2017 and will once again feature over 1,000 well-known street performers, musicians, theatre performers, comedy acts and acrobats from all over the world.

(Photo: Špancirfest Festival)

This year’s festival will again be held under the slogan ‘Activate Your Creativity’ and large crowds are expected to descend on the city which is situated around 80 km north of the capital Zagreb.

(Photo: Špancirfest Festival)

Dozens of concerts will take place this year, including performances from Vatra, Kojoti, Bozo Vreco, Mostar Svedah Reunion, Voca People, Massimo and lots more.

Since Špancirfest festival first started 18 years ago, it has brought in over 2.8 million visitors and 10,000 performers to the city.

(Photo: Špancirfest Festival)

You can find out more about this year’s festival programme on the official website.

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