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18-Year-Old Launches First Croatian Internet Social Network

irAn 18-year-old from Šibenik on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast has launched what is the first local social network on the internet…

Ivan Rakić recently launched Croatia’s first social network IVRA, an alternative he says for people who are moving away from popular networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In just a few weeks since launching Ivan’s IVRA has more than 2,000 users. The Technical-Transport student says that IVRA provides users with stronger security and privacy than Facebook and Twitter.

“I wanted to create something new, something local, Croatian, and I came up with the idea to develop the first Croatian social network. I am happy with how it has started. I will be satisfied when we get over 15,000 users in a month,” Rakić said.

Ivan Rakić

Ivan Rakić

Rakić decided to launch IVRA after wanting his schoolmates to be able to meet on one intimate network, where there were no fake profiles and users. Registration to IVRA is very simple and similar to most other social networks, with users having to provide evidence that the application is legitimate. Rakić says user numbers have increased after it was featured in local media.

“I am one of the first users of IVRA. IVRA is very well organised and simple to use. I like that there are advertisements which Facebook has,” one user said.

Whilst Ivan has ambitious plans and hopes IVRA grows into a popular social network site, his only concern now is passing his next exam. (photo / ŠibenikIN/screenshot)

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