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1,500 Turn Out to Watch Football Match at Bottom of Blue Lake

Match played at the bottom of a lake in Croatia today (Screenshot/Instagram)

A crowd of around 1,500 people turned up at the bottom a lake in the Croatian town of Imotski on Sunday to watch a unique football match.

The derby between Vilenjaci (Elves) and Vukodlaci (Werewolves) is only played when Imotski’s famous Blue Lake completely dries up, and on Sunday, thanks to drought conditions over the long summer, the traditional match was played again.

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The last time mother nature allowed the match to be played was in 2011, and before that in 2003.

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Since 1943, when the first match was played 147 metres down at the bottom of the lake, the match has only been able to be played 5 times.

Blue Lake in Imotski has dried up this year (Photo: Imotski TZ/Screenshot)

On Sunday both sides had to settle for a draw, as has always been the case, with the final result being 2-2.


The rules of the match are that the match must finish tied so that there can be peace in town and the players can roam the streets without any problems.

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On Sunday the referee made sure of the result by disallowing a goal, Dalmacija News reported.

Today’s referee (Instagram)

A Mercedes badge, which has become an unofficial symbol of the town, was painted in the half-way circle.


When will the two sides meet again? Mother nature will determine that.


Video can be seen on the following link.

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