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12 Minutes Work to Earn a Cold One in Puerto Rico – How Long Does the Croatian Worker Need to Work for One?

CroatiaNothing better than a nice, cold beer after a hard days work, but how hard and how long does the average Croatian need to work for that beer?…

Quartz have done the maths and calculated how long the average worker around the globe needs to work before he can afford himself an average-priced beer (half-litre tap) at a bar in his country. According to the data, the Croatian has to put in 48 minutes before he can earn himself a cold one, putting them in the same category as the Poles, Chileans, and Costa Ricans. The Greeks, Hungarians, French and Argentines have to work a few minutes less, but the real losers are the Bangladeshi and Georgians, who need to work 13.4 hours and 15.1 hours respectively to buy a beer out at a bar.

The Slovenes have to put in 30 minutes of grind, the same as the Brits, Dutch, Irish and the Czech, for a cold one. The Americans are slightly better off, with 24 minutes on the job earning them a drop, the same amount of time as the Germans, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Canadians and Belgians. There are those who need to put in less time however, with 18 minutes earning the Austrians, Cypriots and those working in Luxembourg a half litre of the amber liquid.

The record though belongs to Puerto Rico, where just 12 minutes work is enough to get you a ‘hard’ earned cold beer.

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