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100-year-old photos found in Korčula to go on exhibition this week 

Korčula 100-years ago (Photo: Jakov Peručić)

KORČULA, 11 June 2019 – An exhibition featuring photos depicting life on the island of Korčula more than 100 years ago taken by the island’s first photographer and which were stumbled upon, will open this week. 

The photo exhibition “Forgotten people of Korčula” portraits by photographer Jakov Peručić will open on Wednesday, 12 June at 20:00 at Culture Centre Korčula.

The photos were found by Korcula local Tonči Bazdarić, who, whilst strolling past a house in the Old Town being renovated, spotted an old wooden box with famous photo brand ‘Agfa’ written on it which was about to be thrown out. 

Being a keen photographer, Bazdarić recognised the name and asked workers if he could take the box. After opening it, Tonči discovered more than 800 glass negatives or photos which were taken which had yet to be developed.

It was revealed that the photos were taken by Jakov Peručić, the island’s first photographer. Peručić was born in Korčula in 1870 and later emigrated to Chile, as many islanders did. After making his living as a sculptor he became a photographer.

Korčula (Photo: Jakov Peručić)

Peručić returned from Chile to Korčula with his camera in hand and documented moments and places which now have become an insight into how life looked on the island more than 100 years ago.

(Photo: Jakov Peručić)

The first known photographs from Korčula date back 100 years to around 1920. It is believed these photos are from around that period or earlier. 

The exhibition, which features the digitalisation of the negatives which were found, will close on 12 July 2019. 

(Photo: Visit Korčula)

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