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‘100 Smart Factories in Croatia’ project opens its doors in Varaždin also

'100 Smart Factories in Croatia' project opens its doors in Varaždin also

Culmena team (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

– Now, Manufacturing companies in the north of Croatia have a great opportunity to improve their business

Last Friday, in the city of Varaždin, as part of the opening of the new office of the Culmena company, an event was held that hosted key names in the area of northern Croatia and beyond.

All the spotlight was once again on Culmena’s Project ‘100 Smart Factories’  – a pioneer of a specific and innovative concept, which after two years has positioned itself as a leader in smart production in Croatia.

Namely, it is a project that brings together experts from the fields of Lean, Digitization and Green and implements new knowledge, digital solutions and Industry 4.0 technologies in production companies and factories. Behind the project stands the company Culmena, which has been operating in the field of innovation, development and consulting for over 18 years.

“With this project, we enable the “turnkey” principle for production companies. Behind the process and production transformation is the Culis methodology – a combination of knowledge from the field of Lean, digitalization and a green way of thinking in production,” explained Nedeljko Štefanić, professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Zagreb, Croatia and president of the board of Culmena, to the guests of the event.

prof.dr.sc.Nedeljko Štefanić (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

prof.dr.sc.Nedeljko Štefanić (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

After the company shows interest in the project, either through an individual inquiry or through membership in the project, Culmena’s expert team conducts an Industry 4.0 Readiness Audit.

“Culmena’s Readiness Audit is a service that enables companies to see the current state of processes, equipment and resources with regard to the requirements of Industry 4.0, and also provides numerous benefits to all companies planning investments in equipment, modernization of production lines, digital transformation or transformation into a Smart Factory.” explained Anja Štefanić, executive director of Culmena.

Anja Štefanić, director of Culmena (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

After defining the necessary steps, the most important thing starts – implementation. Through the project, Culmena gathered expert partners on the project, and each of the partners covers a different area of digitization and process optimization. 

Thus, for the transformation of the company, some of the partners who are waiting for a low start are C.A.D., LSE, Micro-link, Impuls Consulting, and the Elproms team. These are professional project partners who are engaged according to the specific needs of individual factories.

We had the opportunity to hear first-hand the feedback of the company that is going through this transformation – the Bauwerk parquet factory and their significant results achieved by implementing the Culis methodology in the existing system.

Lawyer Denis Mišić, Mayor of Prelog Ljubomir Kolarek, Anja Štefanić, Đuro Ujlaki, prof.dr.sc.Nedeljko Štefanić (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

“I knew that we had made the right decision at the very beginning of the implementation of the project and cooperation with the expert team of Culmena. We had a vision for our parquet factory, Bauwerk Group Hrvatska, to become a smart factory.” started Boris Poklepović, SPS manager of Bauwerk Group Croatia.

Our controlling has confirmed – by implementing only one change in the factory, we achieved savings of 90% compared to the total expenditure on that segment last year.” he added.

Boris Poklepović, Bauwerk Group Hrvatska – Pametna tvornica (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

The project was also supported by the mayors of Varaždin and Međimurje counties.

“We recognized the 100 Smart Factories project as a great opportunity for companies in the area of the city of Prelog and beyond. This is precisely why we hosted this project in the premises of the city of Prelog this February and supported the presentation of this valuable idea. This area is highly represented by manufacturing companies, and the optimization of processes through digitization and green strategies is the next logical step.” We are extremely pleased to have connected with experts who will guide our companies through transformation,” said the Mayor of Prelog, Mr. Ljubomir Kolarek.

Ljubomir Kolarek, Mayor of Prelog (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

During the gathering, we had the opportunity to hear from Mr. Neven Bosilj, the Mayor of Varaždin.

“The arrival of Culmena in Varaždin has initiated a wave of change that will become visible only in the foreseeable future. Their team, as well as the ‘100 Smart Factories’ project, have the full support of the city of Varaždin. “The new era has already arrived, and we will facilitate the transition to Industry 4.0 for our factories through the partnership with Culmena,” said Mr. Bosilj.

Neven Bosilj, Mayor of Varaždin (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

The goal of the project is to encourage companies to use models and technologies characteristic of the new age, to develop new knowledge and skills among existing employees, and to optimize processes in manufacturing companies in order to ensure savings, greater efficiency and effectiveness in work and processes, environmental awareness and ultimately better numbers. business.

Lawyer Denis Mišić (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

“It is important to note that the implementation of this project will create jobs in the long term, provide space for new professional knowledge, and initiate significant change through new courses at the faculties.” explained Anja Štefanić.

Opening of the Culmena office in Varaždin – Culmena team (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

“We are very pleased to support Culmena’s work and be a part of this change of the new era,” added lawyer Denis Mišić, who closely collaborates with Culmena and also represents them.

Mayor of Varaždin Neven Bosilj (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

Regarding Culmena’s vision for activities in the Varaždin and Međimurje counties, office manager Omar El Habbab said:

“In the coming months, our goal is to present a wide range of our services in Lean methodology and digitalization to these companies, as well as our biggest project ‘100 Smart Factories’. We believe that this project will truly enable them to achieve Industry 4.0 standards, thus allowing them to increase their competitiveness in the market,” said Omar El Habbab, Senior Lean Manager and Office Manager in Varaždin.

Omar El Habbab, Senior Lean Manager, Culmena (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

Mayor of Prelog Ljubomir Kolarek, Nives Sandri – Nokia, Đuro Ujlaki president of City Council of Prelog (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

Upcoming events – Join the 100 Smart Factories project

WORKSHOP ‘SMART FACTORY DESIGN’, March 30th, Westin Zagreb

At this workshop, participants will, with expert guidance, establish the concept of the Smart Factory, the overall project vision, and the direction for further phases in the process.

Applications are available at the link: https://culmena.hr/smart-factory-design-workshop/

'100 Smart Factories in Croatia' project opens its doors in Varaždin also (Photo credit: Marko Cuculić)

Find out more about upcoming events in the project, as well as Culmena’s overall work on their website or LinkedIn.

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