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10 Reasons to Visit Croatia in 2017


By Jason Gordon

Croatia has become one of Europe’s top travel destinations in recent years. This charming country in Eastern Europe is filled with endless wonders and features attractions that people from all walks of life can appreciate.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Croatia in 2017.

10. Exquisite Cities

Zagreb (photo credit: Julien Duval/ZTB)

Despite its rather small size, Croatia is home to major cities that offer great urban landscapes to explore. Zagreb, the nation’s capital, includes a hip and vibrant downtown region that also still maintains much of its historical charm. Other major cities worth visiting in Croatia include Dubrovnik, Osijek and Rijeka.

9. Charming Towns

Komiža (photo credit: Komiža Tourist Board)

Croatia is also home to numerous small towns and villages. You can get a better feel for the people and authentic culture when you visit towns like Vrlika, Slunj and Cres. Komiža is a seaside town that is the site of an old fortress and hillside church.

8. Enchanting Castles

Drivenik Castle (photo credit: Si-Ziga under CC)

When you visit Croatia, you will be able to tour some of the county’s best castles. Drivenik Castle has been standing since at least the 13th century and is surrounded by rolling hills and lush greenery. You can see views of the Danube by looking out from Ilok Castle.

7. Breathtaking Beaches

Bol (photo: croatia.hr)

Many people come to Croatia to spend some time relaxing at the country’s magnificent beaches. Zrce Beach on Pag Island often attracts younger travelers who want to bask and party by the Adriatic Sea. Tall mountains provide a stunning backdrop at Baska Beach. Saplunara Beach and Palmizana are also popular seaside spots in Croatia.

6. Intriguing Natural Settings

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The country’s dramatic landscapes provide the perfect natural settings to explore. Plitvice Lakes National Park features a large waterfall and several lakes. Mljet National Park is situated on an island in the country’s southern region and is considered by many to be the most beautiful natural setting in Croatia.

5. Spectacular Sporting Events

Poljud stadium (photo credit: Hajduk.hr)

Some of the most exciting sporting events are held in Croatia throughout the year. Arena Zagreb has hosted many important handball and ice hockey tournaments. Stadion Poljud in Split is also used for a variety of sporting events. The Croatian national football team, which is ranked 14th in the world, regularly play games around the country but mainly in Zagreb at Maksimir stadium.

4. Momentous Mountains

Sljeme above Zagreb (photo credit: Sonja Kljak)

You can see even more of Croatia’s natural side by hiking and climbing the country’s top mountains. Dinar is Croatia’s tallest mountain and sits near the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you visit Croatia during the winter, you can spend time at the ski resorts of Bjelolasica, Velika, Platak or Sljeme in Zagreb.

3. Fascinating Museums

Museum of Broken Relationships

Intriguing artworks and artifacts are contained within some of Croatia’s best museums. The Croatian History Museum in Zagreb details historical events that have helped shape the country and is housed inside of Vojković Palace. Medieval artworks can be seen at the Museum of Fine Arts in Split. You can also check out the masterpieces that are housed inside the Marton Museum and the Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters.

2. The Ancient World

Diocletian’s Palace in Split (photo credit: EseJapan)

If you are particularly interested in ancient history, Croatia boasts a number of historical sites that have managed to withstand the test of time. The ancient city walls of Dubrovnik have survived wars and natural disasters since being constructed. Aquae Iasae was once the site of a Roman bath. The Cathedral of Saint Domnius in Split has been standing since the seventh century and is still in remarkably good condition.

1. Great Nightlife

Hvar (photo credit: Hula Hula Hvar)

You can find some of the best nightlife spots in Zagreb, Zadar and other major cities throughout the country. The island of Hvar is where the elite crowd goes to enjoy nightlife activities during the summer months.

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