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“10 Kuna Company” Expected To Trigger Entrepeneur Boom

Encouraging entrepreneurial activity and deterring an underground economy are the reasons behind the Croatian government’s new bill that now means establishing a simple limited liability company only requires 10 kuna (1.30 euro) capital.

Croatian job portal MojPosao has taken a look at how interested Croats really are in establishing a “company for 10 Kuna” in a survey of more than 600 respondents.

Results show that 75% of respondents intend now or in the future to establish “a company for 10 kuna’. 39% of the 75% will definitely form a company as they believe that it is “invaluable to become my own boss.” “I’m anxious,” “a great thing” and “finally” were some of the common comments from the survey respondents.

Some 36% of respondents say they will maybe one day establish a company for 10 kuna. Their decision will firstly, they say, depend on the stabilization of the economic situation.

There were also respondents who were a touch skeptical, saying that a lot of other costs come with starting a company. They believe that until the government reduce payroll tax and contributions, then there is no real advantage in forming a “10 kuna company”.

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